Ingersoll Rand 212 3/8-Inch Super Duty Impact Wrench Review – Gets The Job Done Faster Without Huge Noise

Want to get the job done fast? Maybe you require the right set of tools. Let me tell you Ingersoll Rand 212 3/8-Inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench from the family of Ingersoll Rand is an out and out performer. Why it would not be? Coming from a family of great impact tools, this one provides great control, durability and reliability for carrying out all kinds of maintenance work say on a wide assortment of automotives. It does have an impressive power to weight ratio, and enhanced controls that provide great convenience and comfort which is very necessary as you toil holding the tool in hand for hours together.

Ingersoll Rand 212 3/8-Inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

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Price and Features

It currently goes for $134.95 in, which in my book is a very good deal given its specifications.

•    Weighs 2.9 Pounds
•    Supplies appreciable amount of power say up to 180 ft-lbs. Though, you may put it on and extract somewhere around 20 to 150 ft-lbs (working torque).
•    Single hammer mechanism with adjustable speed settings
•    Noise level at the maximum is estimated to be 97.5 dB
•    Goes about its job, without any snags, no matter the changes in air pressure
•    Capable of grinding out large torque at minimum vibration
•    Power regulator that in built makes sure that there is no over-torquing
•    Extremely compact
•    One of the lightweight models in its class that comes with a technically superior handle exhaust.

Who is it for?

This impact wrench is a good fit for all those professional mechanics for radiator, bench work, body shop, air conditioning, exhaust systems etc. This is certainly not a heavy duty tool, so if you’re confident of removing and tightening nuts and bolts of different automotives, you can do so, regardless of how experienced you are.

Pros and Cons

Capable of producing extraordinarily large amount of power, the Impact Wrench is also known for its durability. Perhaps these are two good reasons why this impact wrench is still one of the hot selling tools on the market. It’s surprising to know that this tool still has the most powerful pistol grip (3/8”), and thus facilitates replacement of bolts up to 7/16 inches without any trouble at all. What’s more, it comes packed with impressive features, delivering all the benefits you would associate with Single hammer impact mechanism. Its design and features make for a great combo, and so the tool gets the job finished in most of all situations, no matter what automotive you’re working on, be it a 40 foot bus or a 5 foot motorbike.

Some users felt a tad disappointed with the way it worked, and they reason out saying that this product doesn’t stand up when compared to the other models in the product line of Ingersoll Rand.  And, the power it churns out, though smooth and sufficient, is not a striking feature of this tool. This tool does work well anyhow, but loses out to its competition in a few aspects.

Why you Should Buy it

It’s noteworthy to consider the sheer power it drives out, and the control with which the Impact Wrench works, given the technology that makes low noise level possible in this impact wrench.


Put simply, this great Air Impact Wrench is one of the reliable wrenches you could absolutely count on.
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